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A set of free math calculators involving algebra, percentage, logarithm and more. Powerful and free math calculators for everyone.

Percentage Calculator - calculate the percentage.
Percentage Decrease Calculator - calculate the percentage decrease between two numbers.
Percentage Increase Calculator - calculate the percentage increase between two numbers.
Percent Change Calculator - calculate the percent change of two numbers.
Percent Off Calculator - calculate the percentage off from a number.
X is What Percent of Y - calculate the percentage between two numbers.
Mean Calculator - calculate the mean of a set of numbers.
Average Calculator - calculate the average of a set of numbers.
Modulo Calculator - calculate the modulo operation on numbers.
Log Base 2 Calculator - calculate log base 2 for any number.
Circumference Calculator - calculate the circumference of a circle by its radius.
GPA Calculator - calculate gpa based for your classes.
Percentage Difference Calculator - calculate the percentage difference between two numbers.
Z Score Calculator - calculate the Z-score.
Square Root Calculator - calculate the square root of any number.
Simplify Square Root Calculator - simplify a square root in radical form..
Percent Error Calculator - calculate the percent error.
Exponent Calculator - calculate the exponential value of a number.
Log Calculator - calculate the logarithm with any base.
Natural Log Calculator - calculate the natural logarithm of a number.
Log Base 10 Calculator - calculate the log base 10 of a number.
Ratio Calculator - calculate the ratio of two numbers.
Cube Root Calculator - calculate the cube root of two numbers.
Root Calculator - calculate the root of two numbers.
Factorial Calculator - calculate the factorial of a number.
Factoring Calculator - find all factors of a number.
Proportion Calculator - calculate proportion problems.
GCF Calculator - calculate the greatest common factor.
LCM Calculator - calculate the least common multiple.
GCF and LCM Calculator - calculate the GCF and LCM.
Weighted Average Calculator - calculate the weighted average.
Quadratic Formula Calculator - calculate quadratic equations.
Fraction to Percent Calculator - convert fraction to percent.
Percent to Fraction Calculator - convert percent to fraction.
Decimal to Fraction Inches - convert decimal to fraction.
Inch Fraction to Decimal - convert inch fraction to decimal.
mm to Fraction Inches - convert mm to fraction inches.
Fraction Inches to mm - convert fraction inches to mm.
Permutation Calculator - calculate permutation of two numbers.
Combination Calculator - calculate combination of two numbers.
Ratio to Percentage Calculator - convert ratio to percentage.
Percentage to Ratio Calculator - convert percentage to ratio.
Division Calculator - calculate division between two numbers.
Law of Sines Calculator - calculate the law of sines.
Scientific Notation Calculator - scientific notation to a real number.
Statistics Calculator - calculate basic statistics based on sample data.

Area Of a Circle Calculator - calculate area of a circle.
Circle Calculator - calculate area, circumference, radius and diameter.
Diameter of a Circle Calculator - calculate diameter of a circle from radius.
Radius of a Circle Calculator - calculate radius of a circle.
Median Calculator - calculate the median of a given set.
Mode Calculator - calculate the mode of a given set.
Mean Median Mode Calculator - calculate the mean, median and mode.
Simplify Fractions Calculator - fraction simplifier to reduced fractions and mixed numbers.
Midpoint Calculator - calculate the midpoint between two coordinates.
What Times What Equals - calculate what times what equals a number.
What Plus What Equals - calculate what plus what equals a number.
Square Calculator - calculate the area, perimeter and diagonal of a square.
Area of a Square Calculator - calculate the area of a square.
Perimeter of a Square Calculator - calculate the perimeter of a square.
Diagonal of a Square Calculator - calculate the diagonal of a square.
Reducing Fractions Calculator - reduce fractions to the lowest term.
Slope Calculator - calculate slope of a line.
Antilog Calculator - calculate antilog of any base.
Slope Intercept Form Calculator - calculate the slope intercept form.
Radians to Degrees Calculator - convert radians to degrees.
Degrees to Radians Calculator - convert degrees to radians.
Equivalent Fractions Calculator - calculate equivalent fractions.
Area of a Rectangle Calculator - calculate area of a rectangle.
Diagonal of a Rectangle Calculator - calculate diagonal of a rectangle.
Perimeter of a Rectangle Calculator - calculate perimeter of a rectangle.
Rectangle Calculator - calculate area, perimeter and diagonal of a rectangle.
Fraction Calculator - add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.
Multiplying Fractions Calculator - multiply fractions and reduce to lowest form.
Dividing Fractions Calculator - dividing fractions and reduce to lowest form.
Adding Fractions Calculator - adding fractions and reduce to lowest form.
Subtracting Fractions Calculator - subtracting fractions and reduce to lowest form.
Mixed Fraction Calculator - add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed fractions.
Area of a Triangle Calculator - calculate area of a triangle.
Equilateral Triangle Area Calculator - calculate area of an equilateral triangle.
Range Calculator - calculate the range of a data set.
Exponential Growth Calculator - to calculate exponential growth rate.
Mixed Number Calculator - add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers.
Decimal to Fraction Calculator - convert decimal to fraction.
Fraction to Decimal Calculator - convert fraction to decimal.
Mixed Number to Decimal Calculator - convert mixed number to decimal.
Ratio Simplifier - simplify ratio to the lowest terms.
Ratio to Fraction Calculator - convert ratio to fraction.
Golden Ratio Calculator - calculate golden ratio for any number.
Fraction Reducer - reduce any fraction to the lowest form.
Final Grade Calculator - calculate your final grade.
Grade Calculator - calculate your grade for your class.
Sample Variance Calculator - calculate sample variance of a set of numbers.
Standard Deviation Calculator - calculate standard deviation of a set of numbers.
Comparing Fractions - compare fractions.
GCD Calculator - calculate the greatest common divisor.
LCD Calculator - calculate the least common denominator.
Decimal to Fraction - convert decimal to fraction.
Decimal to Percent - convert decimal to percent.
Percent to Decimal - convert percent to decimal.
Fraction to Decimal - convert fraction to decimal.
Square Foot Calculator - calculate the square footage.
Sig Fig Calculator - count significant figures.
Prime Number Calculator - find a list of prime numbers.
Remainder Calculator - calculate the remainder between two numbers.
Volume of a Cone Calculator - calculate the volume of a cone.
Cylinder Volume Calculator - calculate volume of a cylinder.
Volume of a Sphere Calculator - calculate volume of a sphere.
Multiplication Table - Multiplication Chart and Table.
Multiplication Worksheet Generator - Generate printable multiplication worksheets.
Addition Worksheets - Generate printable addition worksheets.
Subtraction Worksheets - Generate printable subtraction worksheets.
Division Worksheets - Generate printable division worksheets.
Addition and Subtraction Worksheets - Generate printable addition and subtraction worksheets.
Multiplication and Division Worksheets - Generate printable multiplication and division worksheets.
List of Primes - list of prime numbers.
Prime Factorization Calculator - find the prime factorization of any number.
Rounding Calculator - round any number to any decimal.
Volume of a Cube Calculator - calculate the volume of a cube.
Volume of a Rectangular Prism Calculator - calculate the volume of a rectangular prism.
Volume of a Triangular Prism Calculator - calculate the volume of a triangular prism.
Pyramid Volume Calculator - calculate the volume of a pyramid.
Surface Area of a Cube Calculator - calculate surface area of a cube.
Surface Area of a Cylinder Calculator - calculate cylinder's surface area.
Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism Calculator - calculate rectangular prism's surface area.
Surface Area of a Sphere Calculator - calculate a sphere's surface area.
Surface Area of a Square Pyramid Calculator - calculate a square pyramid's surface area.
Surface Area Calculator - calculate surface area.
Pipe Volume Calculator - calculate pipe volume.
Roman Numerals Calculator - calculate numbers and Roman numerals.
Trapezoid Area Calculator - calculate a trapezoid's area.
Distance Formula Calculator - calculate the distance between two points.
One Million in Numbers - calculate one million in numbers.
Margin of Error Calculator - calculate MOE of a survey.
Population Growth Calculator - calculate population growth.
Population Density Calculator - calculate the population density of an area.

Physics Calculators

Density Calculator - calculate density.

Chemistry Calculators

Mass Percent Calculator - calculate mass percent.

You can use our math calculators to do calculations for everyday use or for school. It doesn't matter which grade you are in, you will find a math calculator that works for you. We have a wide range of basic math calculators for elementary calculations to advanced-level ones for higher grades. More calculators are being added each day.

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