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Free Fall Calculator

Free Fall Calculator calculates the time cost for an object to fall from a certain height only under gravity, without the effect of any other force.

Free fall calculator

Gravitational 9.80665
Initial Velocity

How to Calculate Free Fall time

To calculate free fall time, we need to know the gravity and height. The gravity of the earth is 1 gravitational acceleration, which equals 9.80665 m/s² or 32.17405 ft/s²,
which means acceleration is 9. 8065 meters per second or 32.17405 ft per second.

Free Fall Time Formula

time=√(2 x height)/9.80665
(while the height is in meters)
time=√(2 x height)/32.17405
(while the height is in feet).
The free fall time is based on gravity and height, it is not based on the object's weight, so different objects with different weights falling from the same height will reach the ground at the same time.
For example, if you have an apple and a chair, a stand on the rooftop that is 20 meters height, both let them go at the same time, apple and chair will reach the ground at the same time in 2.02 seconds (assume there are no other factors influencing the speed, such as big wind and ext.)

How to Calculate the Final Velocity of Free Fall

you can also use this calculator to calculate the final velocity for the distance the object traveled. The final velocity is calculated as:
Final velocity = initial velocity + gravity x time;
(Usually, the initial velocity for free fall is 0)

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