Health and Fitness Calculator

A set of free health and fitness calculators a set of calculators involving BMI, pregnancy, weight loss, BMR, blood sugar, FFMI, body fat and more. Powerful and free health calculators for everyone.

BMI Calculator - calculate your body mass index.
Blood Sugar Converter - convert from mmol/l to mg/dl and vice versa.
FFMI Calculator - calculate fat free mass index.
BMR Calculator - calculate basal metabolic rate.
Body Fat Calculator - calculate body fat percentage.
Weight Loss Calculator - to help you lose weight.
Calorie Calculator - calculate how many calories do you need.
Weight Gain Calculator - calculate how many calories do you need to gain weight.
Stride Length Calculator - calculate the stride length.
Pace Calculator - calculate your running pace.
Weight Loss Percentage Calculator - calculate your weight loss percentage.
Water Intake Calculator - calculate how much water should you drink a day.

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