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Retirement Calculator

Retirement calculator to estimate how much you will have in savings when you retire and how much will you need for retirement to maintain your lifestyle. The retirement calculator is calculated based on your current age, salary, current savings, retirement spendings to estimate how much you will have after you retire. The retirement calculator is simple to use, just get started with your current savings information. The inflation rate may vary, we will use the average 2.9% annually based on past consumer price index (CPI).

Online Retirement Calculator

Current Age:
Expected Retirement Age:
Expected Life Age:
Annual Salary:
Expected Salary Increase (Per Year): %
Current Svaings:
Current Retirement Account Balance:
(401(k), IRA etc.)
Expected Savings Each Year
(of Your Annual Income):
Estimated Return Rate of Savings
(Before Retirement):
Estimated Return Rate of Savings
After Retirement:
Inflation Rate: %
Expected Monthly Spending After Retire: