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Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator generates any random number between two numbers of your choice. Pick a number tool to get a random number from the range of x and y.

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You can pick any number to generate a random number in between those numbers.

What is a random number?

A random number is a number that is randomly chosen and is not predictable. A random number occurs randomly and does not have any patterns based on past or present behavior.

For example, to generate a random number from 1 - 10, the odds of getting a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10, is exactly 1/10. If you generate the same set of numbers only a few times, you may see the same number showing up twice. However, if you generate the same sets of numbers thousands of times, chances are each of the numbers will be shown up approximately 1/10 of the time.

What is a random number generator?

A random number generator is software that is used to generate a random number so that you don't have to do it by hand. Imagine if you were to manually generate a random number from a predefined set thousands of times, it would take a long time. With the random number generator, you can do it in a few seconds.

How does a random number generator work?

Computer-generated random numbers use a procedure called pseudo-random. A pseudo-random follows some mathematical algorithm to generate a random number which means it is not truly random. This is fine for most of the use cases, but it may be a problem if you are using random numbers generated for cryptographic or other security systems.

In today's computers, most programming languages have built-in functions to generate random numbers using pseudo-random. The programming language that we used for the random number generator tool is Javascript and it uses pseudo-random to generate a random number.

Random Number Generator 1 5
Random Number Generator 1 10
Random Number Generator 1 100
Random Number Generator 1 1000

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