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Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is a free online percent calculator to calculate percentages. The Percentage Difference Calculator has 3 ways to calculate the differences between two numbers. At the bottom of the page there is a percentage formula which shows how to calculate percentage increase between two numbers.

Percent Calculator

The percent calculator calculates the percentage between two numbers whereas the percentage increase calculator calculates percentage increase and decrease between two numbers.

Percent Calculator

What is % of ? =

is what percent of ? =

Percentage Increase Calculator

What is the percentage increase/decrease
to ? =

Percentage Formula

Following is the percentage formula that shows you how to find percentage.

What is A percent of B?
Result = A/100 * B

A is what percent of B?
Result = A/B*100;

Percent Increase Formula

Here is the percent increase formula which works for percent decrease as well.

What is the percentage increase/decrease from A to B?
Result = (B - A)/A * 100

what percent of 25 is 5
what percent of 100 is 25
what percent of 75 is 25
what percent of 50 is 10
50/100 as a percentage
5/75 as a percentage
25/125 as a percentage
15/45 as a percentage

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