Online Conversion

Online Conversion is a set of unit converters involving distance, length, weight, angle, numbers, measurement, energy, temperature and metric conversion. Powerful and free unit converter and metric conversion for everyone.


Following is the length conversion that converts cm to inches, mm to inches and more.

CM to Inches - convert cm to inches.
Inches to CM - convert inches to cm.
MM to Inches - convert mm to inches.
Inches to MM - convert inches to mm.
CM to M - convert cm to m and vice versa.
CM to Feet - convert cm to feet.
Feet in a Mile - convert feet to miles.
Feet to Meters - convert feet to meters.
M to CM - convert m to cm and vice versa.
Feet to CM - convert feet to cm.
Mile to Feet - convert mile to feet.
Meters to Feet - convert meters to feet.
PPM to Percent - convert PPM to percent.
Percent to PPM - convert percent to PPM.
lbs to kg - convert pounds to kg.
Celsius to Fahrenheit - convert °C to °F.
Fahrenheit to Celsius - convert °F to °C.
Km to Miles - convert kilometers to miles.
Miles to Km - convert miles to kilometers.
Feet to Inches - convert ft to in.
Inches to Feet - convert in to ft.
Feet to Yards - convert ft to yards.
Yards to Feet - convert yards to feet.
Pounds to Grams - convert lbs to g.
Grams to Pounds - convert g to lbs.
Kph to Mph - convert kph to mph.
Mph to Kph - convert mph to kph.
Weight Converter - common weight conversion.
Length Converter - common length conversion.
Ounces in a Pound - convert ounces to pounds.
Pounds to Ounces - convert pounds to ounces.

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