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eBay Fee calculator

eBay Fee Calculator is used to calculate the cost and profit of doing business for sellers on eBay. This eBay profit calculator has been updated in April 2024 to reflect the latest changes.

eBay Commission Calculator

Sold Price $
Shipping Charge $
Seller Status
Item Cost $
Shipping Cost $
eBay Store
International Sales
Sales Tax (if applicable) %
eBay final and value fees
Total Profit

How to calculate eBay Fees?

eBay fees are complicated as eBay charges different fees for different categories, and the calculations vary across different countries. To see the latest eBay fees, visit their website.

Other than eBay changing their fee structures from time to time, here are some of the eBay fees that sellers should be aware of.

Insertion Fees - fees that eBay charges when you list or insert an item on their website

Final Value Fee % + Per Order Fee - the final fee % that eBay charges when you sell an item plus per order fee.

How to use the eBay Fee Calculator?

We developed this eBay profit calculator so that sellers can calculate their profits selling on eBay quickly so that they can focus on their selling and marketing efforts.

The following fields are needed for the eBay fee calculator to operate.

Sold Price - the price that you sold the item

Shipping Charge - are there any shipping fees that you charge the buyer

Seller Status - what type of seller are you, below standard, above standard, or top-rated seller?

Item Cost - how much does the item cost when you bought it for resell

Shipping Cost - the cost of shipping for you when you ship the item

eBay Store - do you own an eBay store? If yes, then select which type of eBay store you own.

Category - what category does your product fall into

International Sales - is the sale from another country?

Sales Tax - is there any sales tax for this item?

Based on the above information, the eBay fee calculator will calculate the final and value fees and your total profit.

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