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PayPal Fee Calculator

PayPal Fee Calculator 2022 to calculate PayPal fees for online merchants. You can use our free updated PayPal Fee calculator for 2022 to calculate the exact amount that PayPal charges for each business transaction.

How much does PayPal charge to receive money?

As of 2022, PayPal charges 3.49% + $0.49 for each transaction for sellers. Buyers do not need to pay any fees or commissions.

PayPal Calculator

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PayPal Fee Calculator Results

PayPal Fees You Will Receive You Should Ask For

If you sell for $10.00.

If you want $10.00.

If you are receiving domestic donations, change the commission from 3.49% to 2.89% as PayPal offers a discounted commission for donations.

If you are not from the United States and have a different fee structure, you can change the commission and fixed-rate above, and our PayPal fee calculator will adjust the change instantly.

What Percentage Does PayPal Take?

As stated above, PayPal charges 3.49% of the payment plus $0.49 for each transaction. PayPal may change fees from time to time, to find the latest PayPal Fees, go to PayPal Fees to get the latest information.

While the standard fee for PayPal merchants in the United States is 3.49% + $0.49, the fees vary from country to country. There are also merchants who received domestic donations that have a reduced commission of 2.89% + a fixed fee.

Our updated PayPal calculator for 2021 allows you to enter a custom PayPal fee so that if you are not based in the United States, you can still use it. Simply enter the commission for your country and a fixed fee, and you will be able to calculate PayPal fees immediately.

How to Calculate PayPal Fees

Here's a step by step instructions on how to calculate PayPal Fees based on 3.49% + $0.49 for each transaction.

PayPal Fee = amount*0.0349 + $0.49

where amount is the price that sellers charge.

For example, if an eBay seller listed an item for sale at a retail price of $10, plugin the PayPal fee formula, and we have

Final Fee = $10 x 0.0349 + $0.49 = $0.59, which is the fee that PayPal charges, and the seller will get $10 - $0.59 = $9.41 as his profit.

How much is the PayPal fee for $100?

Let's learn how much the PayPal fee is for $100.
Using the same formula as the above, we plug in the number
Final Fee = $100 x 0.0349 + $0.49 = $3.49 + $0.49 = $3.98.

What if we want to find out how much to charge if we want to receive $100 from a transaction after subtracting the PayPal fees. In this case, we will need to use the following formula
Charge Amount = (x + fixed fee)/(1 - percent fee), where

x = the amount you want to receive
Plugin the $100 to the formula, and we get

Charge Amount = (100 + 0.49)/(1 - 0.0349) = 100.49 / 0.9651 = $104.12
Therefore, if we want to receive $200 from selling an item using PayPal, we must charge $104.12 for the item.

PayPal fees for sending money

As a consumer, PayPal is also an excellent way to send money to other people and buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

For domestic personal transactions with a credit card, PayPal charges 2.9% + a fixed fee based on currency received. The fee is waived with an Amex Send Account or sent with a PayPal balance or from a bank account.

For international personal transactions, PayPal charges a 5% fee and a minimum international fee of $0.99, and a maximum international fee of $4.99.

There is no fee for receiving personal transactions when no currency conversion is involved.

PayPal Crypto Fees

PayPal Crypto fees vary depending on how much Crypto you are trading to purchase. For transactions between $1 - $24.99, the fee is $0.5. For a Crypto purchase of $25 - $100, the fee is 2.3%. For Crypto transactions of $100.01 - $200, PayPal charges 2%. The rate is $1.8% when you buy anywhere from $200.01 - $1000 worth of Cryptos. The fee is 1.5% when you buy anything above $1000.01.

For a detailed and the latest PayPal fee for consumers, check out PayPal consumer fees.

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