Miscellaneous Calculators & Tools

A set of free and powerful calculators and online tools ranging from case converter, base64 decode and encode, character count, random name picker, ip address finder and many more.

Age Calculator - calculate your age in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Online BMI Calculator - calculate your body mass index or BMI.
How Old am I - calculate how old are you.
Tip Calculator - calculate tips with tax and split options.
Random Name Picker - pick a random name from a list of names.
Money Counter - calculate the total amount of bills.
Distance Calculator - calculate the distance between two gps coordinates.
Random Picker - pick a random item from a list of items.
Random Number Generator - generate a random number.
Random Letter Generator - generate a random letter.
Word Counter - count words and characters.
Character Count - count characters and letters.
Reverse Text - reverse or flip text and string.
Line Counter - count lines in text.
My IP Address - find your ip address.
Random Password Generator - generate random passwords.
Case Convert - convert text to different formats.
Base64 Decode - decode text from base64 format.
Base64 Encode - encode text to base64 format.
Miles Per Gallon Calculator - calculate MPG.
Url Decode - decode an encoded url.
Url Encode - encode an url.

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How Old am I
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