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Ratio Simplifier

Ratio Simplifier to simplify ratio in simplest form. Online ratio simplifier to reduce any ratio and numbers to the lowest terms with instructions on how to simplify ratios. Enter any two numbers and the simplify ratio calculator will calculate ratio in simplest form.

Online Ratio Simplifier

Ratio: :
Result: 2:5

How to Simplify Ratios

Following is how to simplify ratios in simplest form step by step.
To simplify two numbers A and B
1. Find the greatest common factor (gcf) of A and B
2. ratio A = A/GCF
3. ratio B = B/GCF

For example, to simplify 20:45, first find the greatest common factor.
1. GCF = 5
2. ratio A = 20/5 = 4
3. ratio B = 45/5 = 9
The ratio in simplest form is 4/9.

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