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Online Calculator is a set of free online financial calculator involving finance, math, health, time and date, and others. Online financial calculator for mortgages, debt, credit cards, math calculators for algebra, percentage, and much more.

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eBay Fee Calculator - Updated April 2024
Billable Hours Calculator - Added April 2024

Popular Calculators

Loan Calculator - calculate monthly loan payments for any type of loans.
Auto Loan Calculator - car loan calculator with trade in options to calculate monthly car payments.
Compound Interest Calculator - calculate how much money will growth with compound interest and regular contributions.
Simple Interest Calculator - calculate simple interest loans, investments or savings.
Amortization Calculator - calculate any type of loans & mortgages with amortization schedule.
Savings Calculator - calculate how much you can save with optional monthly contributions.
Future Value Calculator - calculate how much your money or assets will be worth in the future.
TVM Calculator - calculate the future value of your money.
Present Value Calculator - calculate present value annuity for ordinary annuity and annuity due.
NPV Calculator - calculate the net present value based on cash inflows and outflows.
Annuity Calculator calculate the annual payout amount of an annuity.
Inflation Calculator - calculate how much will your money worth in the future due to inflation.
CD Calculator - calculate how much interest is earned on a certificate of deposit (CD)
Salary Calculator - salary converter to convert from hourly rate to annual income.

Budget Calculator - calculate your monthly budget and spending.
Mortgage Calculator With PMI - calculate monthly mortgage payments with amortization schedule.
Mortgage Calculators - mortgage calculates by states.
Real Estate Commission Calculator - calculate the commission cost for selling your home.
Investment Calculator - calculate how much your money will grow over time.
Stock Average Calculator - calculate the average cost of your stocks.
Stock Profit Calculator - calculate your total profit or loss on a stock.
Credit Card Payoff Calculator - calculate how long it will take to pay off your credit card balance.
Credit Card Interest Calculator - calculate the total interest paid on a loan.
401k Calculator - calculate how much you have in 401K retirement.
Retirement Calculator - calculate how much you will have after retirement.
How Much House Can I Afford - home affordability calculator.
How Much Rent Can I Afford - rent affordability calculator.
How Much Car Can I Afford - car affordability calculator.
CAGR Calculator - calculate the compound annual growth rate.
LTV Calculator - calculate the loan to value ratio or LTV.
Early Retirement Calculator - calculate when can you retired based on your savings rate and expenses.
Enterprise Value Calculator - calculate the enterprise value of a company.
PVIFA Calculator - calculate Present Value Interest Factor of Annuity or PVIFA.
WACC Calculator - calculate the weighted average cost of capital.
Mortgage Payoff Calculator - calculate how long it will take to pay off your mortgage balance.
Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments - PITI Mortgage calculator with extra payments.
Car Loan Payoff Calculator - calculate how much to payoff your car loan.
Car Payment Calculator - calculate monthly auto loan payments.
Loan Balance Calculator - calculate remaining balance of your loan.
FHA Loan Calculator - calculate your monthly FHA loan payment.
USDA Loan Calculator - calculate your monthly USDA loan payment.
VA Loan Calculator - calculate your monthly VA loan payment.
Interest Only Loan Calculator - calculate interest only loan payments.
Finance Charge Calculator - calculate finance charge for any loan.
Daily Compound Interest Calculator - calculate how much money will grow with daily compound interest.
HELOC Calculator - calculate HELOC payments.
Commercial Mortgage Calculator - calculate your monthly commercial loan payments.
Balloon Mortgage Calculator - calculate your monthly commercial loan payments.
Biweekly Mortgage Calculator - calculate your biweekly loan payments.
Mortgage Comparison Calculator - compare two loan payments.
Mortgage Refinance Calculator - calculate new mortgage payments by refinancing.
Simple Mortgage Calculator - calculate your monthly mortgage payments.
How Much do I Make a Year - convert hourly wage to salary.
Money Counter - calculates the total amount of money.
YTM Calculator - YTM calculator for bonds.
Time and a Half Calculator - calculate overtime pay.

Business Calculators

PayPal Fee Calculator - calculate PayPal fees for merchants.
eBay Fee Calculator - calculate eBay Paypal fees for eBay sellers.
FBA Calculator - calculate Amazon FBA fees for selling on Amazon.
Amazon Fee Calculator - calculate Amazon seller fees.
Etsy Fee Calculator - calculate Etsy fees for Etsy sellers.
Square Fee Calculator - calculate Square fees for merchants.
Stripe Fee Calculator - calculate Stripe fees for sellers.
Profit Margin Calculator - calculate profit margin.
Return on Investment Calculator - calculate the return on investment (ROI) of an investment.
Sales Tax Calculator - calculate sales tax.

Math Calculators

Percentage Calculator - calculate the percentage.
Average Calculator - calculate the average of a set of numbers.
GPA Calculator - calculate gpa based for your classes.
Ratio Simplifier - simplify ratio online.
Factoring Calculator - find all factors of a number.
Multiplication Chart - multiplication Chart and Table.
Multiplication Worksheets - generate printable multiplication worksheets.

Date & Time Calculators

Time Calculator - add and subtract time from a date.
Date Calculator - add and subtract days from a date.
Time From Now Calculator - calculate time from now.
How Many Days Until Summer - count how many more days until summer this year.
How Many Days Left in the Year - count how many more days are left this year.
Reverse Age Calculator - calculate the year you were borned.


CM to Inches - convert cm to inches.
Inches to CM - convert inches to cm.
MM to Inches - convert mm to inches.
Inches to MM - convert inches to mm.
CM to Feet - convert cm to feet.
Feet in a Mile - convert feet to miles.
Feet to Meters - convert feet to meters.
Meters to Feet - convert meters to feet.
lbs to kg - convert pounds to kg.
kg to lbs - convert kg to lbs.
Km to Miles - convert kilometers to miles.
Miles to Km - convert miles to kilometers.
Feet to Inches - convert ft to in.
Inches to Feet - convert in to ft.
Kph to Mph - convert kph to mph.
Mph to Kph - convert mph to kph.
How Many Cups in a Quart - convert cups to quarts.
How Many Liters in a Gallon - convert gallons to liters.
Liters to Gallons - convert liters to gallons
How Many Grams in a Teaspoon - convert teaspoon to grams.
Grams to Teaspoon - convert grams to teaspoons.
ml to oz - convert milliliters to ounces.
oz to ml - convert ounces to milliliters.
Stones to Pounds - convert stones to lbs.
Pounds to Stones - convert lbs to stones.
How Many Ounces in a Kilogram - convert kilogram to ounces.
Ounces to kg - convert ounces to kilograms.
kg to stone - convert kilograms to stones.
stone to kg - convert stone to kilogram.
How Many Cups in a Gallon - convert gallon to cups.
How Many Cups in a Pint - convert pint to cups.
How Many Quarts in a Gallon - convert gallons to quarts.
How Many ml in a Teaspoon - convert teaspoon to ml.
How Many Ounces in a Liter - convert liters to ounces.
How Many Ounces in a Gallon - convert gallon to oz.
How Many Ounces in a Cup - convert cups to ounces.
How Many Pints in a Gallon - convert gallons to pints.
How Many Tablespoons in an Ounce - convert ounces to tablespoons.
How Many Cups in a Pound - convert pounds to cups.
How Many Milligrams in a Gram - convert grams to mL.

Miscellaneous Calculators & Tools

Tip Calculator - calculate tips with tax and split options.
BMI Calculator - calculate your body mass index or BMI.
Random Name Picker - pick a random name from a list of names.
Distance Calculator - calculate the distance between two gps coordinates.
Random Picker - pick a random item from a list of items.
Random Number Generator - generate a random number.
How Old Am I - calculate your age.
Password Generator - generate random passwords.

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