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Online Calculator offers simple and easy free calculator online. We offer a collection of online calculators such as mortgage calculator, loan calculator, mortgage payment calculator, basic calculator, math calculator and other financial calculators.

Financial Calculator

If you need to calculate financial information, you may want to check out our set of financial calculators. You can use the mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage for your house, car or any other mortgages that you may have. You can also use the loan calculator to calculate any loan you may have. If you do any kind of investments, you can use the compound interest calculator to see how much your money can grow after a certain years.

Investment Calculator

The investment calculator includes the average down calculator and the stock return calculator.

Average Down Calculator

The average down calculator is a stock calculator to calculate the average price of stocks that you purchase.

Stock Return Calculator

The stock calculator is a stock return calculator to calculate the profit of your investment by entering the buy and sell price as well as the number of shares that you invest.

Business Calculator

The business calculator includes Paypal fee calculator and the return on investment calculator.

Paypal Fee Calculator

PayPal Fee Calculator calculates PayPal fees for merchants. If you are an online merchant and use PayPal's merchant services, you can use the PayPal Calculator to calculate the exact amount that PayPal charges for each transaction.

Return on Investment Calculator

ROI Calculator calculates the profit or loss of your investment. You can also use the ROI calculator to calculate the profitability of a few investments and determine which one you may want to invest.

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