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Percent Off Calculator

Percent Off Calculator is a discount calculator that calculates the prices of products on sale. Find out the reduced price and the amount of money you save after the discount.

Discount Calculator

Simply enter the original price and the off percentage, and the discount calculator will calculate the final price and savings. To learn how to calculate discount rate, check out the discount formula at the bottom of the page.

Percent Off Calculator

Original Price ($):
Off (%):

Discount Calculator Results

Final Price Savings

Discount Formula

Following is the discount formula or percent off formula which shows how to calculate percent off from a product.

Final Price = Original Price - (Discount % / 100) * Original Price
Savings = Original Price - Final Price

what is 10 percent off 25 dollars
what is 25 percent off 75 dollars
what is 35 percent off 100 dollars
what is 25 percent off 50 dollars

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