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Margin Calculator

Margin Calculator is a profit margin calculator that calculates selling price and profit margin for your product. Gross margin calculator to increase your profit and save money for your business.

Profit Margin Calculator

Simply enter the cost of item and the markup percentage, and the profit margin calculator will calculate the sale price, profit, and gross margin for your product. If you are interested in learning how to calculate gross profit margin, go to the bottom of the page to find the gross margin formula.

Gross Margin Calculator

Cost of Item: $
Markup: %

Profit Margin Calculator Results

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Gross Margin Formula

Following is the gross margin formula that shows you how to calculate profit margin.

1. Markup Price = (Markup %/Cost of Item)*100
2. Sale Price = Cost of Item + Markup Price
3. Gross Margin % = (Sale Price - Cost of Item)/Sale Price

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