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Tip Calculator With Sales Tax

Tip Calculator with sales tax calculates tips quickly and easily. Free online tip calculator to calculate gratuity and split the check with friends. Simply enter the total amount and tax percentage and the tip calculator will calculate your tips.

Tip Calculator

Bill Amount $
Tax $
Tip Percent $
Tip Amount $
Total Amount $
# of People
Each Person Pay $

Tip Calculator

The only fields that are required by the tip calculator are the total amount and tip percentage, all othe fields are options. You have the option to choose tips on tax, sales tax, and how many people you are splitting the bill with.

Gratuity Calculator

If a group of people are splitting the bills, the gratuity calculator has the option to calculate the splited bills so that each person pays the same amount including tips.

How to Calculate Tip

Below is the formula on how to calculate tip.
a) Tip Amount = Tip Percentage*Bill Amount/100
b) Tip Amount (tip on tax) = Tip Percentage*(Bill Amount + Tax Amount)/100
Total Amount = Bill Amount + Tip Amount + Tax Amount
Each Person Pay = Total Amount/number of people

15 percent tip on 1
20 percent tip on 2
20 percent tip on 28
20 percent tip on 35
20 percent tip on 10
20 percent tip on 20
20 percent tip on 30
20 percent tip on 40
20 percent tip on 50
20 percent tip on 60
20 percent tip on 25
20 percent tip on 50
20 percent tip on 75
20 percent tip on 100
20 percent tip on 200

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