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Stock Average Calculator

Stock average calculator calculates the average cost of your stocks when you purchase the same stock multiple times. Average down calculator will give you the average cost for average down or average up. If you purchase the same stock multiple times, enter each transaction separately. The average stock formula below shows you how to calculate average price.

Average Down Calculator

Shares Bought Purchase Price
1.    $
2.    $
3.    $
4.    $
5.    $
6.    $
7.    $
8.    $
9.    $
10. $

Following shows the results from the share average calculator.

Stock Average Calculator Results

Total Shares Average Cost

Average Cost Basis Calculator

If you have Android device, you can find the average cost of your stock purchases with the average cost basis calculator which you can install for free. Get stock average calculator for Play Store.
Following is an average down stock formula that shows you how to calculate average price.

Average Stock Formula

Following is the stock average formula on how to calculate average share price if you were to purchase the same stock n times.
1. Total Shares Bought = Shares Bought(1st) + Shares Bought(2nd) + Shares Bought(3rd) + .... Shares Bought (nth)
2. Total Amount Bought = Shares Bought*Purchased Price(1st) + Shares Bought*Purchased Price(2nd) + Shares Bought*Purchased Price(3rd) + .... Shares Bought*Purchased Price(nth)
3. Stock Average Price = Total Amount Bought / Total Shares Bought

If you want to calculate stock profit, please use the Simple Stock Calculator.

How to Trade Stocks

To learn how to trade stocks for profit, you may want to read the following three books on how to trade and invest in stocks.
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2. The Intelligent Investor

3. How to Day Trade for a Living

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