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Random Picker

Random Picker is a tool to pick a random item from a list. Online random picker to select random items. Enter a list of items each on a different line.

Online Random Picker

Enter all items in the field below, each on a separate line:

Random Selector

The random selector picks a random item from a list of items that you enter. The selected item is absolutely random.

Random Picker FAQ

How does random picker work? - Enter a list of things each on a separate line, and a random item will be generated from the list that you entered.

Is the name really random? - Yes, the random picker is really random. We used our server side technology to generate a random item from the list you enter. We have tested the random picker for thousands of items and the item generated is always random.

How many items can I input? - You can input as many items as you like. However, keep in mind if you are going to input over 10,000 items, it may take a couple of seconds to get a random item.

How long does it take? - A random item is generated in less than 1 second for shortlists. If your list is long, it may take longer. It also depends on your internet connection, if your internet connection is slow, it will take longer too.

Do you store the items? - No, we do not store anything you enter. We just generate the random item and as soon as you leave the site, everything is lost.

Does it work on a mobile phone? - Yes, you can use any mobile device or computer to generate a random item.

Is the random selector FREE? - Yes, the random picker is totally free.

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