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P/E Ratio Calculator

P/E Ratio Calculator calculates the P/E ratio of a company. Price earnings ratio calculator is calculated based on price per share and earnings per share of a company.

Price Earnings Ratio Calculator

Price Per Share: $
Earnings Per Share: $
P/E Ratio: 30.30

Price Earnings Ratio Calculator

For investors who invest in stocks, it is critical to know the PE ratio of a company as it is one of the most important metrics to evaluate a company's fundamental. The price earnings ratio is calculated by dividing the price per share and the earnings per share. A large price earnings ratio number means a stock is relatively more expensive than a company with a small P/E ratio. However, just because a stock has a large P/E ratio doesn't mean the stock can't go up. For example, Amazon has a very high P/E ratio compared to other tech stocks like Apple or Microsoft, yet the stock continue to rise.

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