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MYR to IDR conversion calculator to convert Malaysian Ringgit to Rupiah and vice versa. To calculate how much is an Malaysian Ringgit in Rupiah, multiply by 3456.117. The MYR IDR rate changes constantly. When the rate changes, the Malaysian Ringgit to Rupiah amount will also change.

Malaysian Ringgit to Rupiah


How much is an Malaysian Ringgit in Rupiah?

An Malaysian Ringgit equals Rp3,456.12, or RM1 = 3,456.12 Indonesian Rupiah.

Malaysian Ringgit to Rupiah exchange

Today's Malaysian Ringgit to Rupiah exchange is 3456.117. The following is an MYR to IDR table that shows conversion from RM1 to IDR up to RM100.

RM1 Rp3,456.12
RM2 Rp6,912.23
RM3 Rp10,368.35
RM4 Rp13,824.47
RM5 Rp17,280.59
RM6 Rp20,736.70
RM7 Rp24,192.82
RM8 Rp27,648.94
RM9 Rp31,105.05
RM10 Rp34,561.17
RM11 Rp38,017.29
RM12 Rp41,473.40
RM13 Rp44,929.52
RM14 Rp48,385.64
RM15 Rp51,841.76
RM16 Rp55,297.87
RM17 Rp58,753.99
RM18 Rp62,210.11
RM19 Rp65,666.22
RM20 Rp69,122.34
RM21 Rp72,578.46
RM22 Rp76,034.57
RM23 Rp79,490.69
RM24 Rp82,946.81
RM25 Rp86,402.93
RM26 Rp89,859.04
RM27 Rp93,315.16
RM28 Rp96,771.28
RM29 Rp100,227.39
RM30 Rp103,683.51
RM31 Rp107,139.63
RM32 Rp110,595.74
RM33 Rp114,051.86
RM34 Rp117,507.98
RM35 Rp120,964.10
RM36 Rp124,420.21
RM37 Rp127,876.33
RM38 Rp131,332.45
RM39 Rp134,788.56
RM40 Rp138,244.68
RM41 Rp141,700.80
RM42 Rp145,156.91
RM43 Rp148,613.03
RM44 Rp152,069.15
RM45 Rp155,525.27
RM46 Rp158,981.38
RM47 Rp162,437.50
RM48 Rp165,893.62
RM49 Rp169,349.73
RM50 Rp172,805.85
RM51 Rp176,261.97
RM52 Rp179,718.08
RM53 Rp183,174.20
RM54 Rp186,630.32
RM55 Rp190,086.44
RM56 Rp193,542.55
RM57 Rp196,998.67
RM58 Rp200,454.79
RM59 Rp203,910.90
RM60 Rp207,367.02
RM61 Rp210,823.14
RM62 Rp214,279.25
RM63 Rp217,735.37
RM64 Rp221,191.49
RM65 Rp224,647.61
RM66 Rp228,103.72
RM67 Rp231,559.84
RM68 Rp235,015.96
RM69 Rp238,472.07
RM70 Rp241,928.19
RM71 Rp245,384.31
RM72 Rp248,840.42
RM73 Rp252,296.54
RM74 Rp255,752.66
RM75 Rp259,208.78
RM76 Rp262,664.89
RM77 Rp266,121.01
RM78 Rp269,577.13
RM79 Rp273,033.24
RM80 Rp276,489.36
RM81 Rp279,945.48
RM82 Rp283,401.59
RM83 Rp286,857.71
RM84 Rp290,313.83
RM85 Rp293,769.95
RM86 Rp297,226.06
RM87 Rp300,682.18
RM88 Rp304,138.30
RM89 Rp307,594.41
RM90 Rp311,050.53
RM91 Rp314,506.65
RM92 Rp317,962.76
RM93 Rp321,418.88
RM94 Rp324,875.00
RM95 Rp328,331.12
RM96 Rp331,787.23
RM97 Rp335,243.35
RM98 Rp338,699.47
RM99 Rp342,155.58
RM100 Rp345,611.70
1 MYR to IDR
5 MYR to IDR
10 MYR to IDR
15 MYR to IDR
20 MYR to IDR
25 MYR to IDR
30 MYR to IDR
40 MYR to IDR
50 MYR to IDR
60 MYR to IDR
70 MYR to IDR
75 MYR to IDR
80 MYR to IDR
90 MYR to IDR
100 MYR to IDR
200 MYR to IDR
300 MYR to IDR
400 MYR to IDR
500 MYR to IDR
1000 MYR to IDR
5000 MYR to IDR
10000 MYR to IDR

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