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MYR to HKD conversion calculator to convert Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong Dollar and vice versa. To calculate how much is a Pound in Hong Kong Dollar, multiply by 1.67232366. The MYR HKD rate changes constantly. When the rate changes, the Malaysian Ringgit to HKD amount will also change.

Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong Dollar


How much is a pound in Hong Kong Dollar?

A pound equals HK$1.67, or 1 MYR = 1.67 HKD.

Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong Dollar exchange

Today's Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong Dollar exchange is 1.67232366. The following is an MYR to HKD table that shows conversion from RM1 to HKD up to RM100.

RM1 HK$1.67
RM2 HK$3.34
RM3 HK$5.02
RM4 HK$6.69
RM5 HK$8.36
RM6 HK$10.03
RM7 HK$11.71
RM8 HK$13.38
RM9 HK$15.05
RM10 HK$16.72
RM11 HK$18.40
RM12 HK$20.07
RM13 HK$21.74
RM14 HK$23.41
RM15 HK$25.08
RM16 HK$26.76
RM17 HK$28.43
RM18 HK$30.10
RM19 HK$31.77
RM20 HK$33.45
RM21 HK$35.12
RM22 HK$36.79
RM23 HK$38.46
RM24 HK$40.14
RM25 HK$41.81
RM26 HK$43.48
RM27 HK$45.15
RM28 HK$46.83
RM29 HK$48.50
RM30 HK$50.17
RM31 HK$51.84
RM32 HK$53.51
RM33 HK$55.19
RM34 HK$56.86
RM35 HK$58.53
RM36 HK$60.20
RM37 HK$61.88
RM38 HK$63.55
RM39 HK$65.22
RM40 HK$66.89
RM41 HK$68.57
RM42 HK$70.24
RM43 HK$71.91
RM44 HK$73.58
RM45 HK$75.25
RM46 HK$76.93
RM47 HK$78.60
RM48 HK$80.27
RM49 HK$81.94
RM50 HK$83.62
RM51 HK$85.29
RM52 HK$86.96
RM53 HK$88.63
RM54 HK$90.31
RM55 HK$91.98
RM56 HK$93.65
RM57 HK$95.32
RM58 HK$96.99
RM59 HK$98.67
RM60 HK$100.34
RM61 HK$102.01
RM62 HK$103.68
RM63 HK$105.36
RM64 HK$107.03
RM65 HK$108.70
RM66 HK$110.37
RM67 HK$112.05
RM68 HK$113.72
RM69 HK$115.39
RM70 HK$117.06
RM71 HK$118.73
RM72 HK$120.41
RM73 HK$122.08
RM74 HK$123.75
RM75 HK$125.42
RM76 HK$127.10
RM77 HK$128.77
RM78 HK$130.44
RM79 HK$132.11
RM80 HK$133.79
RM81 HK$135.46
RM82 HK$137.13
RM83 HK$138.80
RM84 HK$140.48
RM85 HK$142.15
RM86 HK$143.82
RM87 HK$145.49
RM88 HK$147.16
RM89 HK$148.84
RM90 HK$150.51
RM91 HK$152.18
RM92 HK$153.85
RM93 HK$155.53
RM94 HK$157.20
RM95 HK$158.87
RM96 HK$160.54
RM97 HK$162.22
RM98 HK$163.89
RM99 HK$165.56
RM100 HK$167.23
1 MYR to HKD
50 MYR to HKD
100 MYR to HKD
200 MYR to HKD
300 MYR to HKD
400 MYR to HKD
500 MYR to HKD
1000 MYR to HKD
5000 MYR to HKD
10000 MYR to HKD

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