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Missouri Income Tax Calculator

Missouri income tax calculator estimates the take-home pay after tax for Missouri State residents.

Missouri Paycheck Calculator

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Federal Income Tax Brackets 2021

Tax Rate Single or Married Filing Separately Married, filing jointly
10% $0-$9,950 $0-$19,900
12% $9,950-$40,525 $19,900-$81,050
22% $40,525-$86,375 $81,050-$172,750
24% $86,375-$164,925 $172,750-$329,850
32% $164,925-$209,425 $329,850-$418,850
35% $209,425-$523,600 $418,850-$628,300
37% over $523,600 over $628,300

Missouri Income Tax Rate 2021

Tax Rate All taxpayers
1.5% $109-$1,088
2% $1,088-$2,176
2.5% $2,176-$3,264
3% $3,264-$4,352
3.5% $4,352-$5,440
4% $5,440-$6,528
4.5% $6,528-$7,616
5% $7,616-$8,704
5.4% over $8,704

The Federal income brackets from 10% to 37% for the year 2021. The standard deduction is $12,550 (single) and $25,100 (married filing jointly) for the year 2021. After gross income less standard deduction, that is taxable income subject to Federal income tax.

The social security tax rate is 6.2% and the Medicare tax is 1.45% of gross income. The maximum taxable earnings for social security tax is $142,800 for the year 2021. Single filers pay an additional 0.9% in Medicare taxes if income is over $200,000 ($250,000 for married filing jointly).

Missouri State Income Tax Rate

Missouri State income tax rates are from 1.5% to 5.4%, most taxpayers pay 5.4% because taxable income is over $8,704. The standard deduction for Missouri State matches with the Federal tax standard deduction, it also allows the deduction of tax paid for Federal for up to $5,000 (single) and $10,000 (married filing jointly).

For example, if you have a gross income of $55,000 as a single filer in 2021, your Federal tax will be $5,088, therefore your personal deduction from the state will be $12,550 plus $5,000, which equals $17,550. $55,000-$17,550=$37,450. $37,450 will be the taxable income subject to the Missouri State tax.

Take Home Pay Calculator Missouri

After gross income less than Federal tax, Missouri State tax, and FICA (medicare tax and social security tax), that is take home pay for Missouri State residents. Most cities in Missouri have no local income tax except St. Louis and Kansas City, both cities have their own earned income tax rate at 1% of gross income.

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