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Hard Money Loan Calculator

Hard money loan calculator to estimate the cost and profit of fixing and flipping a house. The fix and flip calculator will quickly show you how much you expect to make from a real estate property.

Flip and Fix Calculator

House Price $
Down Payment %
Repair Cost (included in the loan) $
Other Cost and Fees $
State, Recording and Transfer Tax %
Value After Repair $
House Insurance $
Property Tax $
Hard Loan Points (included in the loan) %
Interest Rate %
Estimate Repair Time(months)
Estimate Time to Sell(months)
Cash Invest
Loan Amount
Monthly Interest
Total Interest

What are hard money loans?

Hard money loans are for short-term or emergency use usually used to fix and flip the property. A hard money loan does not require a credit score but uses the property as collateral.

The approval process is fast compared to traditional loans, the loan term is much shorter, with a much higher interest rate, we are talking about a 10% interest rate or higher.

Most big banks do not offer this type of loan, only some private bankers issue hard money loans. They issue loans to investors who are experienced in flip and fix to minimize their risk. Hard money loans required borrowers to pay interest per month until the finance term is over.

In the meantime, investors can use the loan to fix the property, pay back the bank in a lump sum after selling the property, and make a profit. Our hard money loan calculator calculates the estimated cash cost and profit for flip and fixes needs.

Cash investment is total cash paid for a house downpayment, state recording and transfer tax, and other costs at closing. After closing, you need to pay for monthly interest, house insurance, and property tax. These are total cash needed to take out of your own pocket.

The profit is calculated by estimating property value after repair, less cash investment, and the loan amount.

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