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Cash Back Calculator

Cash Back Calculator to calculate the cash back reward from using your credit card. Simply enter the cash back percentage and the purchase amount, and the credit card cash back calculator will calculate the reward amount.

Credit Card Cash Back Calculator

Cash Back Limit:
Cash Back Limit: $
Percentage Cash Back: %
Purchase Amount: $
Cash Back Amount:

How to Calculate Cash Back

Following is how to calculate cash back from your credit card
Cash Back = Purchase Amount * Cash Back Percentage
For example, if your cash back percentage is 2% and you spend $250 on your credit card, you will get
Cash Back Reward = 250 * 0.02 = $5.

Credit Card Cash Back Calculator

The credit card cash back calculator takes into account cash back limit. If there is a limit of how much reward you can earn from your credit card, select the Cash Back Limit to "Yes" and enter the cash amount limit.

What is cashback?

Cashback is a type of credit card reward that rewards cardholders a small percentage of the amount they spend. The reward is the actual cash that cardholders can use. They can use the cashback to pay off their bills or deposit them on their bank accounts.

How do cash back credit cards work?

A cash back credit card works just like a regular credit card. The only difference is that Instead of rewarding points, a cash back credit card rewards cash.

Traditional credit card reward points where cardholders can only use these points to redeem products or services offered by the card issuer. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on how a cashback credit cardholder uses their cashback. They can use the cashback to buy whatever they want to, pay off the next credit card bill, or deposit to their banks.

Cash back amounts

The cashback amounts are usually from 1% to 5% of the total spending depending on the card issuer and the type of credit card that you have.

Cash back is a strategy that card issuers use to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to make more purchases with their credit cards.

Things to watch out

Many people got into trouble applying and using their credit cards. They overspend and end up paying high interest for their credit card balances.

Keep in mind, the cash back amounts are very small compared to the interest payment that one needs to pay if they fail to pay off their balances.

Credit card debt can have a snowball effect and some people never get out of debt. Therefore, one should only use the money that they can afford to pay off. Use a cash back credit card with caution if one has an overspending habit.

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