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Amazon FBA Calculator

Amazon FBA Calculator 2019 to calculate FBA fees for Amazon sellers. FBA Calculator will estimate your costs, revenue and profit for selling your products with Amazon FBA. Amazon charges different fees, and offer different shipping options and rates based on the category and product sizes and lengths.

FBA Calculator

Sale Price $
Product Category
Product Size
Product Weight
Product Size X X inches
Cost of Product $
Your Shipping Cost to Amazon $
The Product Dimensional Weight is Pounds
Amazon Referral Fee
Amazon Fulfillment Cost
Total Fees Charged By Amazon
Net Profit of Product

FBA Calculator

The FBA fee calculator is used to estimate FBA fees. The FBA revenue calculator does not include your monthly storage fees for FBA services so you will have to calculate that yourself.

Amazon calculates shipping weight based on product unit and dimensional weight. There is an additional $0.40 per unit fulfillment fee for some categories such as apparel, sports apparel, and outdoor apparel products.

Also, there is a $40 special handling fee for items like plasma and projection large-screen televisions with screens 42 inches or larger. Smaller televisions may also incur this handling fee based on other factors such as weight and fragility.

Our Amazon FBA fee calculator does not include these special fees and FBA storage fees.

If your products are not fulfilled by Amazon, please use the Amazon Fee Calculator.

Amazon FBA Fees

For the latest Amazon FBA Fees information, check out the Amazon website for fulfillment by Amazon.
Amazon FBA Fees

For information on how Amazon calculates shipping weight and dimensions, check out the product size tiers page below
Product size tiers

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